"I love the sound of crashing waves, a wild storm and the drops of rain pelting down on a tin roof. I love the first cup of coffee in the morning, the very early morning when no one else is awake and I feel like the magnificence is all mine. I love the sight of a lone house along the wild shoreline, the beach and the mist. And walking until I disappear. I love the sound of children laughing, especially my own, and I love even more when they are laughing with me.

 I love being in the ocean, catching a wave that is far greater and more important than me. I love the feeling of being so loved that it creates and invisible feeling of gold around me, knowing then, that everything and anything is possible. I love yoga and the calmness it offers. I love being a mother and a good friend.

 I love flying in an airplane to a new place, looking below me and wondering yet knowing that I will discover more about myself through discovering more about the world. As I grow older, I need less. The need to accumulate and acquire more has diminished. I love breathing in light. I love listening, engaging and learning. And mostly I love the quietness of simplicity. A single glance, a long embrace, a deep connection with life and a few people ‚- and the possibility that there may be longevity in some of that.

 I love and thrive on the work that I do. I am a photographer by trade, but when I was 15, my father told me that I was a storyteller. I didn’t believe him and it took me until I was 40 years old to embrace what was always in my path. I have since spent a long time seeking out interesting people and engaging with them. People who think differently, who are generous with their time and their thoughts. And in a way, that makes me that storyteller. There is much to be learnt from every person that passes through.

 If I had my life over, there would be nothing I would change."

Thanks to our archives for the little video clips of me and my family taken in the 70's.

Sandy Coffey ~ Photographic Commissions

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