Wendy Balfour

Wendy Balfour

Who/what is God?

God is within, without – omnipresent.

What does strength mean to you?


If you were given only one more wish in your life, what would it be?

To reach enlightenment

Describe the characteristics of your soulmate, living, dead, past or present.

Someone who accepts me unconditionally.

Are you living your soul purpose on this earth?

No career wise, but yes, for the rest of my life. I allow my life to flow within its own current.

What advice would you give to a broken hearted 20-year-old?

Acknowledge the pain, recognize the emotion for what it is and don’t allow it to solidify. Rather allow it to flow away. Let go and remember that nothing stays the same. This too shall pass and lastly, everything happens as it should. Acceptance is the key.

Did you do anything different in your 40th year?

My family and I moved to England, hated it, came back, bought a half share in a coffee shop, and had a tattoo done.

When someone asks you your age, what do you say and how do you feel?

I say 45. Age is merely an indication of how long we have been on this planet.

Describe your life in one word?


Who are you and how do you define yourself?

I am me who also happens to be a wife, mother, sister, daughter and friend. Someone who is slowly getting to be comfortable in my skin.

If you have a spare 15 minutes in your day what do you do with it?

I use it for quiet time.

What happens when you die?

We begin the process of rebirth.


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