Simmie Mpofu

Simmie Mpofu

What/Who is God?

The Almighty who created heaven and earth. He is always with me, in both sad and good times. He is a great comfort, the guidance of Him I get daily through reading the Bible.

What happens when you die?

Through the bible, I know my body perishes and only God knows where my spirit and my soul go.

What would do with your last 24 hours on earth?

I would put every thought to God and pray.

Define success?

To do the right thing with your heart.

What does money mean to you?

Both good and bad. It can make you greedy and you have to be careful of that.

What is your greatest wish?

To see my children and grandchildren finish school and follow their dreams. I have five children (from age 13 – 31). For me, I am old already, so I don’t wish anything personal.

Define what you do?

I am an Assistant at an Art Gallery and I love it because I love interacting with people and art. I must be clear: I am NOT an artist but I love being part of it all.

What are you afraid of?

Nothing, because God is always with me.

If you could ask God one question, what would it be?

When things have been difficult in my life, I sometimes ask “Why me” but then I hand it all over to Him and I know things will be ok.

What advice would you give to a broken hearted 18 year old?

Pray to God because he has all the answers.

What moves you emotionally?


Describe yourself in four words?

Strong, self-belief, loving and respectful.

Describe your life in one word?


Your greatest wish?

To learn how to drive! (Since this interview, Simmi has indeed learnt how to drive and has her licence!)

What is love?

Love is enduring, kind, and slow to anger.

What do you think of SA today?

I am a little worried because of the strikes, crime and unemployment. The government must sort this out and then it will be a great place to live.

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