Estelle Marais

Estelle Marais

What/Who is God?

I often think about a God but have no idea. I have no doubt it exists – some wonderful things have happened and sometimes things just go so right and you know it's not human. God is a miracle which cannot be defined by natural laws.

What happens when you die?

I fully believe that I continue to exist in some realm or another.

What would you do with your last 24 hours?

I would spend them with my animals and my family (although they might be too upset). It's only a temporary farewell.

Describe your life in one word?


How do you think others describe you?

Irresponsible with money, hardworking, generous, adventurous, a risk taker. As a child, I was given the nickname “Huppelkind.” That says it all.

Describe yourself in four words?

Impulsive, serious, impatient, and committed to family and friends.

What are you afraid of?

Becoming dependent. I fear senility.

What moves you emotionally?

Beauty, tragedy (which can also be beautiful), quiet, expansive landscapes.

If you could ask God one question, what would it be?

What is the true essence of goodness? It often gets mixed up with so my pretence, and excess ego.

If you could rid the world of one thing, what would it be?


Any regrets?

That I didn’t learn from an early age how to value money and to be more prudent. That I did not learn to be more disciplined and more patient.

What advice would you give to an 18- year old starting out as an artist?

There is nothing to replace hard work. Study the old masters from a distance and retain your artistic integrity. Find your own voice and learn to take criticism as a crit on your work, and not as a personal attack.

Have you had one great lesson in life?

Freda said to me “Take what you want in life, but make sure you pay for it”.

Name a skill you would love but you don’t have?

To write really beautifully and convincingly.

What do you do with a spare 15 minutes?

Lie down!

What art do you love?

Any landscape by Ruysdael, Rembrandt’s “Jewish Bride”, Portraits by Alice Neel, and Velazques “Las Menius” and “Aessop”. Work by Marlene Dumas. I am continually amazed by the mystery of these works.

What does money mean to you?

Absolutely nothing, except that it is functional and enables me to help and to travel. I don’t understand the true value of money.

Describe your current state of mind?

At peace right now, but I can feel the restlessness moving in. I aim to completely about 50 pieces of work per annum and often I do.

Define success?

To feel that what you attain is in balance with what you have aimed for.

What is your greatest wish?

To find calm and peace within myself and my creativity.

What does age mean to you?

Some years I think I am older, and sometimes, younger. I get confused.

Define what you do?

I am on my last lap now, so I am trying to work like blazes before I disappear into the sands. I want to leave the world a better place than when I entered it. We have all been given a task in life, and through our talents, we have to do as much as we can. I can paint and I have a deep love for the Karoo, and the combination of these leads to the obligation of putting that to canvas. It is a spiritual task. When I sense the Karoo, I bubble with excitement and I can’t wait to paint and write.

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