Cedric Savage

Cedric Savage



What is God?

Every deep-thinking person has a relationship with God. God is a concept of something all powerful, and the reason for the universe and as such, God is indeed the almighty. My Father, who fought in the 2nd WW, used to say that when the soldiers were being shelled, many of the reached out to God.

It is when we are being exposed to danger, and feel seriously threatened, that our need to access God increases.

Describe your life in one word?


What does Money mean to you?

More independence, more comfort and more options. But it isn’t the total answer. Ask someone who has no money, and your answer will change significantly.

What does courage mean to you?

It is testing the boundaries of timidity. It is being appreciative of the risk. There is a fine line between courage and stupidity. Courage is knowing the risk and still going ahead, and stupidity is not being aware of the risk and going blindly into something. True courage, when observed, is an inspiration to all.

Describe the characteristics of your soul mate?

Sensitive, intelligent, caring, compassionate, sharing similar values and of course, loving. One cannot be compassionate without sensitivity.

If you had one wish left in your life, what would it be?

Peace of mind for myself and mankind.

What advice would you give to someone starting out in your career?

Follow your interests, acquire the related skills, work hard and make sure you keep learning.

Who are you and how do you define yourself?

Here is a man who keeps on trying!

What has been your greatest personal challenge?

To contribute in a meaningful way in whatever I am doing. One becomes more altruistic as one gets older. Youth seems to deliver impatience whilst age brings participation. I am enjoying that participation.

What would you do with a spare 15 minutes?

The power of water is unmatched. I enjoy swimming in the surf.

What happens when you die?

I wish I knew! I would like to think there is a better life after this and that I left this world making a worthwhile contribution.

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